Your Copy-Stand

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Create. Capture. Copy.

Create beautiful macro photos with your camera or phone

Exact Same Height Every Time

The built-in tape measure allows you to take photos on different days with the same results. Just set the height to the same point on the tape measure!

Easy to adjust. Easy to lock.


Real buyers share what they love about their Copy-Stand!


This item was just what I needed to photograph my artwork. For a reasonable price, I received a well-constructed copy stand. Joe even took the time to sourced-out an additional adapter that I needed. All was well-packaged and arrived quickly and in good shape. Wonderful customer service and communication!. Thank you!


Superb product with excellent build quality. I rate it 100%. Seller was 100% as well.


Great copy stand here. This uses 20mm (for the cross bar), and 30mm t-channel aluminum. It is plenty tall enough for most imaging projects, and all the hardware is pretty heavy duty. I have a large DSLR on it, which is easily 8-10 pounds with lens. The base appears to be MDF, but is large and fairly heavy. I clamped a couple continuous lighting supports on the base, which works well for the application. Despite the weight, the camera stays square to the base. I'm happy with the value and build quality for the price here, in comparison to anything else I've found on the market.